no fix, no fee

My policy for all my repairs and work. It costs you nothing for a quote or inspection for any fault or problem, I am happy to look.

Below are a selection of my most commonly used services.


desktop Computers

I can supply you with a brand new tower built to suit your needs. The price of a basic tower starts from around £380.00. However the price increases the more demanding the programs you want to run such as gaming and video editing. Each quote is totally individual. Complete systems are also available by adding a screen, keyboard, mouse, speakers and a printer.

Alternatively, I can upgrade your existing computer at competitive prices.


More and more of us are turning to laptops. They have become more affordable. They are portable and space saving.

The downside is that they tend to get damaged more as we move them around with us. As a result, broken dc sockets and broken screens are becoming more commonplace on an I.T. engineers work bench. These can usually be repaired quite economically saving you the expense of having to buy a new one.

Although I do not hold any laptops in stock I can source and supply most makes and models. Once again I would discuss with you your requirements and make proper recommendations.

Laptop Screen Replacement

  • Smaller Screen Sizes - Phone for details.
  • 15.6" £99.95
  • 15.6" £109.95
  • 16" £119.95
  • 17" £129.95

For all other sizes please phone for a free quote.


DC socket repair

Our standard charge for replacing any DC Socket is £95.00 - This job involves a complete strip down of the laptop to bare parts, the old socket being remove and a new socket being soldered to the board then tested extensively.

internet & Networking

As computers become cheaper we are increasingly having two, three or more computers in the home. I can supply all the items you need to network them so that they can all share the same internet connection. I can also help you resolve internet connection issues. This can sometimes be done by correcting settings or if necessary talking to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to explain that you are not getting the service you are paying for.


data recovery

Data is invaluable and irreplaceable and unfortunately sometimes damaged, lost or misplaced. Basic data recovery is included in our standard service charge. However, more corrupt hard drives will need to go to a specialist company which is more expensive. Rest assured though that I will always do my utmost to recover your lost data before we consider that.



Sometimes all we need is just a new hard drive or motherboard. Maybe just a new monitor. All of these can be just supplied or supplied and fitted.