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What you need

All business's in this modern day should have a web presence. Somewhere that people can find you and find out what services you are offering

Yes, you can spend thousands have a fancy website. But all we need is basic information. The cost involved is not as much as you might think.

You just need three pages to your website. A homepage to welcome visitors. A page to describe the services that you offer. Then a page where people are able to contact you.

Step One

To start with, you need to find a domain name that fits in with your business. You will need to register that domain. There is an annual cost of around £10.00 per year.

Step two

Your website will need to be hosted somewhere where the world can find it. The cost of hosting and start from around £60.00 per year

Step three

Find someone who can build your website for you. You will just need to give them the information and pictures you want on your website.

What else

If pictures will help show off your business then you could have a picture show. Perhaps even a bit of video. The possibilities are endless but take my advice. Keep it simple to start with.


I can guide you through the whole process and get you a website up and running. I will explain every step making sure you understand everything that it all entails.

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